How Programmatic Enhances App Monetization

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What is Programmatic monetization ?

Programmatic selling is an automated process which helps the app developers and publishers to monetize their inventory. As it has been done on the Real Time Bidding method, it can also be called as oRTB monetization.

Nowadays in market we have lots SSP / DSP which operates through programmatic module and help the advertisers and publishers to reach their goal. 

Programmatic also known as Open exchange, Open MarketPlace and RTB.

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Advantages of Programmatic Monetization 

  1. Easy Set up : Hassle free integration with any platform with few basic information like floor price, adformats, ad type, frequency capping. 
  2. Easy Optimization : Every platform has there own optimization methods and supportive dashboard, hence optimization take lesser time. 
  3. Unlimited Revenue Growth : As everything is automated, the system identify the potential of the inventory and enhance the revenue growth.
  4. Niche Advertising : Depending upon your inventory and placements you can select your relevant advertising partners by which you increase the traffic quality. 

Comparison Between oRTB & Jstag

oRTB Jstag
Easy IntegrationTags generated based on the CPM
Automated OptimizationManual Optimization
Minimum Floor Price RequiredFixed CPM
Minimum Discrepancy Discrepancy issue affects Performance

Upcoming Programmatic Developments!

Day to day release of optimized version oRTB help the publisher to get more refined and transparency in the inventory selling by which there lots of Advertiser invest in CPM programmatic buying. 

What we do

We at Avas guide and support publisher and app developers to increase the programmatic monetization revenue.

  • We have in-house experts working across the world in some of the renowned mobile monetization platforms. Their analysis of your data will provide you with accurate and updated guidance to increase your revenue manifold.
  • We have partnered with different demand partners across the globe and our programmatic solutions will be of assistance to increase your revenue.
  • Reports generated here will provide you with valuable insights such as a basic idea about the app review, revenue comparison, and market conditions.

Sign up with us and lets make your business better!. 

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